Homes for Sale in Glenelg/Glenwood/Dayton

Homes for Sale in Glenelg/Glenwood/Dayton
Homes for Sale in Glenelg/Glenwood/Dayton

Homes for Sale in Glenelg/Glenwood/ Dayton

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The towns of Glenelg, Glenwood and Dayton are located in western Howard County.   Although very rural, this is a high-income area, characterized by newly built, upscale homes amidst farms on rolling Maryland hills.  Along with enhanced housing development, there has also been emergence of community amenities such as Western Regional Park and The Community Center at Glenwood.  Students in these towns attend the schools of Bushy Park Elementary, Dayton Oaks Elementary, Glenwood Middle, Folly Quarter Middle, and Glenelg High School, featured in the U.S. News and World Report review.



Characterized historically by general stores, farms and a large tobacco plantation called “Bushy Park,” the area of Glenelg holds Scottish history as well.

The land now known as Glenelg was given by a prominent man, John Dorsey, to his daughter Sarah Dorsey Howard and her husband Henry Howard.  Their son built a house on the property in the mid to late 18th century, which was then expanded upon in 1884  by the Assistant Postmaster General and his wife, who called their home “Glenelg,” after an old Scottish estate.  In 1856, a postal village named Glenelg was put into operation which served the community until 1983, when it was relocated to another location to serve the community.


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