Find out How Much Home you can purchase here

Find out How Much Home you can purchase here

The very first step in buying a home is finding out how much home you can afford.  A lender will qualify you based on your credit, income and available money to put down.  Developing and maintaining a Good credit score is the most powerful thing you can do to finance not only a home but other large dollar purchases, like a car.  By showing a lender you pay your bills on time, the lender will be willing to offer you more credit at a lower price.  If you don’t have stellar credit, no worries — there is help with federal-backed loans such as FHA loans.  If you are a Veteran, you are in luck, as there are some very generous programs to help since you served your country!

Keep in mind, that taxes, insurance and any fees such as HOA (dues) will also be factored in when qualifying for a loan.

The BEST way to find out how much a lender will  offer you is to get pre-qualified.  You want to do this before you ever begin to look at homes.  Why?  Because you don’t want to see homes you can not afford.  You would be wasting your time — and time is money.

How to find a lender….

First, you want to find a lender that has a track record of good, honest and reliable service.  You also want to make sure you can shake your lender’s hand and ensure the lender is backed by a Mortgage Company that is in the business of mortgages.

DO NOT use an internet lender.  While they claim to have low rates and fees, I can tell you they do not; I have had clients at the table ready to purchase and the fees and rate were NOT what they were told.

Lender I would highly recommend is:

Joshua J. Barclay,  Senior Loan Officer

Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC,  NMLS # 215251

Direct 410.468.2982,    Cell 443.842.1755,   Fax 703.293.4017


Find out How Much Home you can purchase here