Homes For Sale in Clarksville

Homes For Sale in ClarksvilleHomes for Sale in Clarksville

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While you can find large homes on 1+ acres in excess of 3000 square feet, there is a community center with shopping, restaurants, and parks, and you can find town homes, condos and mid sized Colonial homes built in and around the mid-1990’s  on smaller plots of land.

Clarksville has the highest family income of any township in the county ($159,266) and is one of the most affluent towns in the U.S. It is unofficially considered the wealthiest town in Maryland, which is the fifth wealthiest state in the U.S. It is known for the politicians and some of America’s wealthiest people that have homes in the area. Clarksville’s public schools, part of the Howard County public school system, are among the highest-ranked in the nation and often have significantly higher funding than competing private and charter schools.


Clarksville, Maryland was named for William Clark, a farmer who owned much of the land on which the community now lies.  It is an unincorporated community with some of the most desirable schools in the county.  A portion of Clarksville contains the westernmost village in the town of Columbia and while some residents have a Clarksville address, they may also live in the Columbia village of River Hill.  River Hill is home to over 6000 residents in over 2000 housing units (as of 2014) .  It’s been said the area was used as a game preserve by Columbia James Rouse (said to be the creator of the planned communities) during the building of Columbia.  River Hill is divided into two neighborhoods: Pheasant Ridge and Pointers Run, with about 6,500 residents. Here is a link to additional information about River Hill.  River Hill, Columbia, MD

The area is located southwest of Baltimore and north of Washington, D.C., and many residents of Clarksville commute to work in one of these two cities or their close-in suburbs.

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