What Buyers are Saying about Karen’s Service

What Buyers are Saying about Karen’s Service  

A Real Look Into Karen’s Services

 “We’ve worked with other agents before, and Karen is the best.”

 “Karen has an easy going manner which makes the process of house shopping a pleasure. She took the time to really understand our unique needs and then worked to find a home that was perfect for our financial, commuting and personal needs.”

 “If you are looking for a realtor who listens to your needs and will help find the house  that fits you best, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen Ingalls.”

 “We appreciated the time Karen took to understand exactly what we were looking for . . . even though at times we weren’t quite sure! We would definitely and confidently recommend Karen to others who are seeking to sell or buy a house.”

 “Karen was at all times friendly, responsive, professional and knowledgeable.  Her knowledge of the community and ability to understand my housing needs resulted in a successful sale and purchase. She was indispensable in coordinating efforts.”

 “Karen was always willing to listen to what were looking for and was eager to help us find it. Karen’s experience and knowledge made the process go very smoothly . . . leaving us little to worry about.”

 “Karen Ingalls is a superb real estate agent. We were pretty particular in what we were looking for.  We looked at a lot of houses and really took our time.  Karen was always there, yet never pushy.  She learned what we liked, and helped show us homes with features that attracted us.”

 “Karen is the most responsive, delightful, professional and accommodating realtor we have ever dealt with in a long list of transactions. Karen surpassed our expectations.  This  was the first move that did not cause us additional undue anxiety.  We attribute this to Karen. We would highly recommend her as the agent of choice.”

 “Karen demonstrates the caring, honest and respectful manner that all realtors should. Knowing that all realtors are not like Karen, I feel fortunate to have worked with her.”

 “After contacting several agents, we found Karen to be the most accessible and informative. Karen is both knowledgeable and receptive to clients’ needs.  She is a good listener which we feel is one of the most important qualities in a buyer’s real estate agent.”

 “Of all the realtors that I have worked with in the past fourteen years, in the buying and selling of four homes, I have found it truly a pleasure to work with Karen. I needed a realtor who would listen and respond to my needs and give me the time and flexibility to make the right decision. Karen had a comprehensive knowledge of the area and the patience to listen to  my needs.  I highly recommend Karen as a personal, yet professional, realtor who cares about and does her best to satisfy each individual client need.”

What Buyers are Saying about Karen’s Service