New Construction

New ConstructionNew Construction

It’s important to know, when you walk into a Builder’s Model Home without a Buyer’s Agent, you are entering into a situation where YOU will not be REPRESENTED or protected.  The Builder Sales Agents represent the builders and will NOT look out for YOUR interest.

Here is a summary of why you need an agent when considering building a new home.

Cost to You
Nothing! Any compensation given to a REALTOR is recognized by the builder as a marketing fee and has no impact on the final cost of the home. Builders desire, expect and encourage REALTOR participation.


Savings to You
Are you getting what you want and deserve in quality and value?   I’ll know what you should receive and what “extras” might be available.

Resale…Appreciation & Profit
Since a home is an investment, it’s important to give your investment the best opportunity for appreciation at resale. Questions concerning site location, builder, design and decor are important. I know you are building not only for today … but for tomorrow.

You Are Represented
With me, YOU are represented!  I’ll bring and use my experience, knowledge, strength and leverage on your behalf.

What home are available?

Many builders will build a home and then place it on the market as a Spec Home (built on speculation to be sold) others (specifically the single family home builders) are built to your specifications and may have a 4 to 6 + months delivery.  You should know many builders do not put their homes in the Multiple Listing Service.If you are interested in a New Construction home and/or a Home to be built, call or e-mail me for I’m in touch with many builders and know where they area.

While I’m not advertising this site, it does have a number of good resources for building a new home.  Home Building Checklist



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