Howard County Land for Sale

Howard County Land for SaleHoward County Land for Sale

It will be hard to tell from looking at the below summaries the lot size, shape, and if the land has public water and sewer.  Most times raw land is unimproved and water and sewer would need to be brought into the property, but not always.  Most of the eastern portion of Howard County does provide pubic services and about half of the western portion of Howard would also.  Other wise, a well and/or a septic tank and field would be required.

Finding and buying land in Howard County can be complicated as many time the building rights for one lot could be used to built elsewhere in the county.  There are also County and State Conservation and Agricultural rights that also effect the price and availability of a build able lot.  Most lots without public services will require a lot size of an acres or more and in many rural areas, three acres.

Many times a lot within a community is sold by a builder who will offer the lot for sale with one of there homes on the lots.  Sometimes they will sell the lot without a builder tie-in.


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